Playmobil Fairies Magical Fairy Forest

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Playmobil Magical Fairy Forest

There are so many magical features to the Magical Fairy Forest playland. There is a splendid throne for the Fairy Queen, a treasure chest with semi-precious gems, and a large cauldron for making magical healing potions; the flower lanterns light up in the dark, and there are lots of cute animals. 

The many shapes of the fairies wings have been taken into consideration and the forest has been made so that the fairies can play, sit, and stand anywhere interchangeably. The fairies can lie or sit on the leaves which are attached between the tree trunks, and the Fairy Queen throne will fit any of the fairies.

Many other special features include the following:

  • The swing is attached between the trees, and the fairies can either swing while sitting or standing up.
  • The two big nests on the branches are used as a resting place for musical instruments or the book. A figure can also be placed in a nest.
  • Next to each of the nests, there is a transparent flower with a foot clamp so that you can stand the figure upright.
  • There are three caves of different sizes in the base and the rock, which can be used as shelter for animals or hiding places for treasure.
  • Small treasure chests and semi-precious gems can be stored in the space under the three rock covers in the meadow.
  • The fairies use ingredients they find in nature to heal injured and sick animals. They pick, flowers, leaves and mushrooms and stir them in the cauldron. 
  • The bottle of fairy dust CANNOT be opened!

Safety Warnings

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - SMALL PARTS. Not for children under 3 yrs.