Ladybug Land

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Ladybug Land - Insect Lore 2100

The only ladybug growing kit available!

Witness the magic of biology as tiny larvae bloom into beautiful ladybugs. The ladybug metamorphosis kit is a colorful, see-through habitat that provides kids with an up-close look at the miracle of nature.

Ladybug Land provides a fascinating learning experience for ages 4 and up - and yes, ladybug larvae really do look like little alligators! Your larvae will be busily eating, drinking, molting, and growing for about a week to ten days. Once they have stored enough energy, they will attach themselves to the walls and floor of their habitat to begin the pupal stage of their lives. Once the adult ladybugs emerge from the pupas and extend their delicate new wings, they will rely on you to provide their food. The open, diorama-style habitat gives the ladybugs plenty of room to move about while they grow, with a water reservoir volcano in the center for them to drink from. The top of the domed habitat has a built-in magnifying glass for close-up ladybug observation. Then set them free into your backyard, where they will contribute to the living ecosystem.

This educational kit includes a voucher to redeem online when you are ready to receive your ladybug larvae. When you know you are ready to begin your project, simply redeem your voucher online at Your ladybugs will be shipped to you in a tube with 10-13 larvae that includes all the food they need in this early stage of life (five ladybug larvae are guaranteed to develop into adult ladybugs).

Easy to clean and reuse - restock your habitat with the Ladybug Larvae Refill.

Contents: diorama style habitat with a built-in magnifying lid, Original Ladybug Land Instruction Guide, Water reservoir “volcano” provides a watering area for your ladybugs with water dropper, voucher to redeem online at for 10 to 13 ladybug larvae and all the food they need to grow into adult ladybugs (a small $7.95 shipping and handling fee is required upon redemption)


  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Award Gold Seal Winner

Safety Warnings

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - SMALL PARTS. Not for children under 3 yrs.