Glow Putty - Amber

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Glow Putty - Amber - Mini 2" Tin AM003

Just like the rare white version of the precious stone, Amber Thinking Putty® starts out white and glows the classic amber-gold hue in the dark. Amber is tree sap that’s been fossilized over eons.

Oftentimes, this fossilized resin includes insects, such as ancient ants, flies, or mosquitoes that lived millions of years ago. The allure of amber has to do with its timelessness but also its pretty glow, which is attributable to the stone’s phosphorescent properties.

Putty Features

  • Glows
  • Sculptable
  • Tearable
  • Firm Texture

Made of completely inert, non-toxic, and safe silicone. The large tin contains 3.2 oz (1/5 lb.) of putty and the mini tin has 0.47 oz of putty per tin. Made in the USA.

Safety Warnings

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Not for children under 3 yrs. Small parts.