COVID-19 Delivery Update

COVID-19 Delivery Update

Posted by Jerilyn Rademacher on Mar 24th 2020

Edited 7/1/20: Our brick & mortar storefront is once again open for in-person shopping. We will continue with local deliveries on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, as well as curbside/in-store pickup during normal business hours, and shipping daily.

In-Store Shopping Rules

1. We are requiring face coverings for everyone over the age of 2 years. We have complimentary face masks available for those who need them.

2. A maximum of 6 guests will be allowed in the store at one time.

3. Hand sanitizer is available for all guests.

4. Please try to limit touching of products - look as much with your eyes as you can. Trying out puppets will require using gloves (provided).


DELIVERY UPDATE!: we are going to start doing deliveries twice a week on FRIDAYS and MONDAYS only. This will take effect at 3pm today (3/24), so today’s orders will be delivered today, but the next delivery time will be Friday (3/27). Shipping timeframes will not change at this point.

I have so many thoughts about this situation, but mainly I lay awake at night worrying I’m not doing enough. I believe through the governor’s orders that as long as we stick to being open only on our website and doing porch deliveries we can remain doing business with our customers. All of our staff is staying home WITH pay. I (Jerilyn, one of the owners) am the only one working and doing deliveries. I’ve been wiping, washing, sanitizing, wearing gloves, and distancing, but it still doesn’t seem like enough. I feel like I’m not following the spirt of the order, even if I’m following the letter of the law. So, I want to distance more, and the best way is to just limit deliveries.

Are toys essential? Well, yes and no. Do they support life? No. Do they support learning? Yes. Do they help with sanity during two (plus) weeks holed up together? Yes. So the debate goes both ways. But doctors and nurses and grocery clerks and the truck drivers who deliver said groceries are essential to life and I want to keep them safe. I want to keep my customers and my employees safe. And I want this to all be over.

I also want to keep my customers happy and supplied. We are a small business that relies on good customer service and I still want to make that happen. I want the people who can’t get out to have a psychological outlet to reduce stress. I want to try to keep life as normal as possible for the children who might not quite understand what’s going on. I want to encourage family togetherness while we have this time.

So, with all of that being said, deliveries will happen they just won’t be every day. I appreciate everyone’s support! It has been overwhelming in the best way possible. Thank you!