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Bilibo - Red

A rocking chair, a spinning top, a cradle, or a tunnel children create countless uses for the award-winning Bilibo, both indoors and out. Inspire a child's imagination.

Bilibos measure 15"x15"x8".

Developmental Benefits

  • Motor skills development
  • Balance
  • Social development
  • Pretend play

Play Ideas

  • Sleep tight, Dolls and Stuffed Animals. Bilibo becomes a cradle for dolls for puppets.
  • Scoop and pour. Toddlers can fill Bilibo with sand or toys, dump, and fill again.
  • Rock and Spin, use a stepping stone, test your balance.
  • Make yourself into a turtle. Carry it on your back or tuck under it if you are feeling shy.
  • Join a band and use Bilibo as a drum!
  • Maybe Bilibo is a hill or a cave to animal toys.
  • Set sail on the high seas and Bilibo is your ship.
  • What's for dinner? Maybe Bilibo is a giant cooking pot.