About Us

 Welcome to Naturally Curious Kids!


A toy store should be a play store. It should be a place that inspires wonder and learning at every turn. It should invite you to come in and stay awhile - just from looking at the store window. It should be a place of safety, creativity, and fun.

And the toys should be special things. Things that teach without trying. Things that bring parents and kids together for more than just the buying experience. Things that open up the world to kids so they can begin to discover who they are. And things that give kids the tools to make those discoveries.

This is a toy store.

We strive for all of this every day at Naturally Curious Kids. We don't find this idealistic, but rather realistic goals to continuously strive for. To give the best play experience is what we are all about. You will find shopping spaces and play spaces to try out the toys. And you will find people to make all this a reality.

We started this adventure into the world of play nearly by accident. We are a mom and daughter team who walked into a toy store in San Francisco and said "yeah! We should do this at home!" It felt right and everything amazingly fell into place. It has been an adventure! And I can honestly say that the toys we sell have taught me, more than anything else, what I want to be when I grow up. Now that's a lesson in how much a toy can teach.


The Owners

mom-in-store.jpgLinda - 

From the time I was in second grade I wanted to be a teacher. I received a bachelor’s and master’s degree in education, and for thirty-six years I loved being an elementary teacher, teaching mostly kindergarten and first grade. After retirement I was lucky enough to spend time with my grandchildren. When my son and his wife had a baby – my third grandchild – my husband, daughter and I went to visit them on the west coast. We were, of course, in many independent toy stores while there, and realized that we wanted to bring the same commitment to quality to Westerville. Being a certified teacher, not only am I able to enjoy interacting with the kids in our store as they play, but the story times and classes I teach in the store keep me involved in what I love!


jerilyn-cat-selfie-cropped.jpgJerilyn - 

I have always liked being around kids, especially watching them have fun and enjoying life. Because of this, I tried to find myself by working in a lot of different areas with kids - I babysat in high school, I worked with children with Autism as an in-home therapist, I have been an aide in various elementary classrooms, I have a masters degree in School Psychology, and I stayed home with my two boys for 9 years. I loved being home with my boys and I learned a ton in every other job, but no job (outside of motherhood!) seemed like something to dedicate my life to. Mom and I always have wanted to do something together, especially after she retired and my kids went to school full-time. I never thought we would find anything that fit, and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere the idea of a toy store came to life. I love the business side of the job (and learning so many new things!), but I also get to be around everything that's good about childhood. A small part of me gets to be both VERY grown-up and VERY child-like. Best of all worlds!